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Simple changes promote healthy living

(Slipping a dollar bill into my exercise jar each time I work up a sweat provides impetus to regular workouts. When the jar is full, I decide on and purchase something new for my healthy lifestyle journey!) 

Making changes is often hard, but sometimes some simple changes we implement can have a profound effect on our well-being. In our First Place 4 Health meeting recently, I encouraged participants to think of three such changes they’d make during this twelve-week session. As they shared, I jotted them down on the board and later compiled the list. Here’s what we came up with:

·         Keep a food journal/diary

·         Eat on time

·         Remove junk food

·         Consume more fruits and veggies

·         Get plenty of rest

·         Prepare food ahead

·         Eat less processed food

·         Engage in regular exercise

·         Drink more water

·         Eat out less

·         Spend more time in prayer and Bible study

·         Remove (or lessen) stressors

·         Make a menu

·         Avoid buffets/fried foods

·         No late-night eating

·         Stay in touch with a friend/accountability partner


Weight loss is never a matter of the stomach only; in First Place, we realize we’re made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components, and each has a bearing on our wellness journey. Seeking balance under the lordship of Jesus Christ can provide real and lasting victory! 

As I looked over this list, I noticed these four life entities are addressed. I think I’ll print these reminders out and place them on my refrigerator!










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First Place 4 Health – for the four-sided person we are

This Saturday, I’m planning to participate (with three others from our community) in a statewide First Place 4 Health  leadership training seminar. This incredibly-successful program ( ) focuses on the four components of a person’s life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The program materials  assume that those who consider taking part in the 12-week group sessions accept (or are open to) the fact that they are the creation of a loving God. With this knowledge, they can run the gamut from being passionate to just a bit curious about discovering how that truth plays out in their lives, and how to apply it to their weight-loss journey.

Make no mistake – First Place 4 Health (FP4H) is not just a Bible study. The nutrition plans are well-researched, thorough, sound and widely accepted as a healthy way to eat that one can live with the rest of his/her life. A member’s kit contains resources covering scores of topics (from time management to developing a healthy self-image to making wise choices with meal planning), DVDs (including one about emotional eating), and a hardback book chronicling FP4H from its beginning in 1981 to the present, and sharing numerous success stories of men and women. And another vital part of the program is the encouragement and support members receive from being part of a like-minded group.

Back to the four-sided person: the FP4H premise of looking at these four components recognizes that weight-loss success isn’t just about controlling the appetite. There is often emotional baggage one must deal with before habits can be permanently overcome and changed. Some may just not have the nutritional know-how to make wise choices. And others may come to realize a spiritual void in their lives, and journey toward wholeness in that area.

It’s easy to prioritize the physical aspects of weight management, but countless individuals have seen lasting success by focusing on the whole person. I hope you will consider the FP4H program in your healthy lifestyle quest!

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>Summertime, and the Livin’ is BUSY!

> By late March, most congregations have decided on their VBS theme. Teachers are recruited, the long list of needed supplies is posted, materials are ordered, and intense preparation begins. This yearly outreach spreads across the community, entering homes to capture the hearts of young children. They are drawn, through lively activities, Bible stories, crafts and snacks, into God’s loving embrace.

From an early age, many of us have grown up learning about Moses and the burning bush and Daniel in the lions’ den. We sat mesmerized as teachers recounted the feeding of the 5,000, Peter’s angel-assisted escape from prison, and the glorious acount of the empty tomb.
Perhaps now, we may listen to such stories with a ho-hum attitude of familiarity. But at this time of year, may we consider our “Jerusalem” (Acts 1:8), where thousands of kids know nothing of these precious stories. If they hear the name of God or Jesus, it is a part of casual or cursing language.
May God awaken our hearts to this incredible mission opportunity, and support it through active participation, or if this isn’t feasible, by our Spirit-led prayers. And may our congregations think outside the box; the church campus is not the only place to have an effective VBS. Consider bringing it to neighborhoods, YMCAs, apartment complexes and mobile home parks! VBS weeks on-site at church do draw in those outside the congregation, but many attendees are associated with the church. Not so with the off-site events; most will probably be non-churchgoers. (The photo I’ve included was taken at such a place.)
And why should kids have all the fun, anyway? What about a senior adult VBS at a retirement community? What other ministry/mission projects can touch lives of those who live on the streets you pass on the way to your place of worship? What ways can you incorporate children and teens into such projects?

“Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” (John 4:35)

Let’s ask God to enable us to see our community with His searching, compassionate eyes, and pray for His vision to permeate it with His saving grace!

Best wishes from lefthandrightbrain:)

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