Resource faves

These are some resources – books, studies, web links, etc., that I’ve found helpful (in no particular order):


4 responses to “Resource faves

  1. Teri

    I’m a current leader of a FP4H group and have to say that when you do the program “correctly” it is the best program out there. To help one balance one’s life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – it’s the only way to balance!!! Love your site and your Spark Homepage too!!

    I’m fining it very therapeutic to BLOG my struggles and accomplishments on SparkPeople too as it’s a way for me to have my thoughts take root within myself to help me be accountable to ME and the LORD!

  2. I have fought obesity since puberty, but seriously after taking the pill. I would like to start a group at my church.. how do I start???

    • I’m guessing you are talking about the First Place 4 Health program. Congrats on considering this; I’m getting ready to begin a group in our area! For all the info you’ll need to take the initial steps, go to Look under the link called “get started”. You will find additional helpful details under “for leaders”, “events”, and “store”. You can find the networking leader in your state, and she will answer other questions you may have. The “events” tells of training opportunities, and “store” shows details on the kit, Bible studies and other First Place items of interest.
      Keep me posted, please:)

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