Workouts pay off!

Pay yourself when you have a good workout…a simple and fun incentive!


A fellow WordPress blogger (Spagate) shared this neat idea to help motivate her to exercise. She created an exercise jar, and paid herself when she engaged in a good workout. Although she had seen the idea elsewhere suggesting putting $1.00 in the jar for each exercise session, she puts in a quarter for each 15 minutes, stating that “not  every workout is worth the same!”

I decided to get a bit creative with mine, making a colorful design on my computer. I’ve thought about subtracting $1.00 for days I don’t exercise when I should, but decided not to go there! Spagate made the suggestion to “save up for something special”, and I like that idea. Now, what will I buy when my jar is full? A new piece of exercise equipment, perhaps?

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12 responses to “Workouts pay off!

  1. If only it was someone else’s money that was filling the jar…::sighs::

  2. spagate

    I love this! Don’t take the dollar out! 🙂 You definitely earned that dollar! 🙂 Just didn’t earn the next one when you don’t workout. I like the exercise equipment idea. I am thinking bathing suit, spa treatment, or dress for that wedding in October! 😉

    • Smiles…glad you like it, and thanks for inspiring me! I’m thinking I’m going to put my jar funds into 90 days of swimming pool use at a nearby community pool.

      • spagate

        Oooh I like this idea! I am still not sure yet. But I did exchange the change for dollars yesterday (b/c I need change for parking in my car) – I’m up to $37. 🙂

  3. Yeah this is a great Idea!! I wanna do this!

  4. sweetopiagirl

    Reblogged this on InspiredWeightloss!.

  5. A neat idea! I need motivation to exercise!!!

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