First Place 4 Health – for the four-sided person we are

This Saturday, I’m planning to participate (with three others from our community) in a statewide First Place 4 Health  leadership training seminar. This incredibly-successful program ( ) focuses on the four components of a person’s life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The program materials  assume that those who consider taking part in the 12-week group sessions accept (or are open to) the fact that they are the creation of a loving God. With this knowledge, they can run the gamut from being passionate to just a bit curious about discovering how that truth plays out in their lives, and how to apply it to their weight-loss journey.

Make no mistake – First Place 4 Health (FP4H) is not just a Bible study. The nutrition plans are well-researched, thorough, sound and widely accepted as a healthy way to eat that one can live with the rest of his/her life. A member’s kit contains resources covering scores of topics (from time management to developing a healthy self-image to making wise choices with meal planning), DVDs (including one about emotional eating), and a hardback book chronicling FP4H from its beginning in 1981 to the present, and sharing numerous success stories of men and women. And another vital part of the program is the encouragement and support members receive from being part of a like-minded group.

Back to the four-sided person: the FP4H premise of looking at these four components recognizes that weight-loss success isn’t just about controlling the appetite. There is often emotional baggage one must deal with before habits can be permanently overcome and changed. Some may just not have the nutritional know-how to make wise choices. And others may come to realize a spiritual void in their lives, and journey toward wholeness in that area.

It’s easy to prioritize the physical aspects of weight management, but countless individuals have seen lasting success by focusing on the whole person. I hope you will consider the FP4H program in your healthy lifestyle quest!

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5 responses to “First Place 4 Health – for the four-sided person we are

  1. Teri

    Hello would like to know more about the seminar you will be attending this saturday – 4/21. I have been leading a group for 3 years and would be interested if this in near me or what you learn on saturday
    Teri B

    • Hi, Teri. This one is in Pearl, MS. I think most states have such leadership training. Do you know your state leader? If not, you can find out who it is on the First Place website.

      I’ll probably post an overview of the meeting here next week sometime. Thanks for your note, and I’d like to hear some pointers on things that have worked wellin your group!

  2. I tried to take a look at the link you posted but it will not pull up. Is there another place I can look at the information? I love that this has a biblical base.

    • Hmmm, I guess you might need to put the http:// in front of it. But for sure, just Google “First Place 4 Health”, and that’ll point you in the right direction:). One of my loser-friends is shown on the opening page: Mississippian Joyce Ainsworth, who has lost 190 pounds through the program!

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