Influencing the next generation

Much to my dismay, neither of my adult kids eat very healthfully. However, my seven-year-old granddaughter seems interested in my dietary habits. So last night, I sat at the table and made out a simple chart of the basic food groups, and how many servings one needs, accounting for variances for my adult status and her kid’s one.

Then, after she hit the hay, I stayed up late doing one on the computer, with lines for each group (ex: for the fruits, I said, two to three servings, and put three lines for writing down what we ate). I had shown her on my filled-out chicken-scratched version what I had eaten yesterday, and that I was short on fruit as I only ate two, and was also short on my grains, as I had one less than normal. Then I said, “I think I’ll have an apple!”, and I wrote that in.

When she gets home today, I’m going to have a list of all my foods I’ve eaten, and work with her to put them on the correct blanks. Then I’ll make sure (with her help, of course), to balance my “chart” at supper or for a planned bedtime snack. 
I think I’ll print off two more copies to let her have one to fill out, and maybe my daughter will join us (hehe)!

Just wondering…do you have success influencing family members? I’d love to hear your methods!



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7 responses to “Influencing the next generation

  1. Sounds like you are doing pretty well so far. Catch them while they’re young, I reckon that’s the key!

    • Yes, that’s right, but one problem is that my 2nd grade granddaughter can’t drive to the store to shop for the groceries, and I live over 400 miles away (sigh)!

  2. Very timely! After our family dinner yesterday, I couldn’t sleep last night worrying about my grown and overweight granddaughter! She knows she’s overweight and wants to lose, but she doesn’t want to bad enough to actually DO it! She finishes college in May and plans to marry in Nov. If she is not motivated now, she never will be! I want to help her, but how? I paid big bucks for one diet program that was a failure for both of us. We weighed the same at that time and now I’ve lost 25 pounds and she’s gained that and more! P.S. She’s on SparkPeople, too!
    It’s wonderful that you are showing your young one how it’s done!!!

  3. I am so glad I found your blog. I am new to this and have very little time, but my concern is also to influence the next generation, not just with their nutritional needs ( I am a dietitian), but with their spiritual needs. I follow you and when I have my stuff up, I will read more of what you wrote. blessings to you!

    • Great! I look forward to reading your blogs as well! I’ve learned a lot over the years about healthy eating, but I’m certainly not a dietitian (but at least I’ve learned to correctly spell it wihout the “c”…smile!

      Best wishes on a successful blog:)

      • I can tell we get along great! Love your sense of humor! But I did check my spelling! hahaha, since English is my 2nd language and spell check is my next to best friend. I have a degree, but worked in the field only 1 year or so. I can’t take the doctors liberally passing out pills and the patients rather take it, that fix the cause of their condition. That did my idealism in quickly. However : it was very great education and useful through out my life. Blessings to you!

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