An inexpensive weight-loss “tool”

To lose weight, we have to eat less of unhealthy food choices and/or not eat too much of healthy ones. A no-brainer, right? But telling our brain (where overeating sometimes starts) that we’ve had enough, or that we really shouldn’t eat that sugary, fatty item that’s calling our name is often a tough battle.

However, I’ve discovered a helpful item that’s quite inexpensive; and you most-likely have one right at hand…in your bathroom. Ready to face the battle? Grab your toothbrush!

I’ve noticed that there’s something about brushing my pearly-whites that helps dissipate my desire to keep eating. Today, after lunch, I wanted a chocolate bar. I’d had plenty to eat, but the sweet sensation tug kept nagging me as I cleaned up the lunch dishes. But instead of salivating over it, I decided to instead “foam at the mouth” with a good dose of Colgate toothpaste. Followed that with a big glass of water, and the desire for something that wasn’t on my meal plan quickly vanished. Maybe it’s psychological, letting the mind and body know that the meal is done, but whatever the reason, the result kept me on track.

Do you have any special “tricks of the trade” to steer you toward making the right choices? I’d love to hear them!



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8 responses to “An inexpensive weight-loss “tool”

  1. That’s a good tip and it does work! I need to do that more often!

  2. Great idea!! I’m going to try it tonight after dinner when the sweet tooth monster tries to get me to eat whatever I can get my hands on that is sugary. I’ll just brush that threat right out off my mouth!! Thanks!

  3. Hi Ann, yes that definately works. I am more of a glass of water or two man. There is a diect connection between the brain and gut. The brain just loves the endorphins released after we eat choclate or other sugar based products and continually urges us to take in more sugars, the brain really is a sugar junky! By drinking a glass or two of water the brain receives “fullness cues” and curbs our desire to eat.

    • True for sure! And I’ve found that just getting rid of the sugar for a few days can greatly reduce the desire for it. I can take it or leave it now.

      • I gave up sugar in my coffee some time ago and cant say I miss it, on the other hand I am still a chocaholic. I have just completed a research and development program on healthy potato crisps. The results are really quite amazing. We stripped all the oil, msg, sodium and sugar from our crisp and developed a unique baking process which releases real potato taste with just a hint of zesty natural flavour added in. I just started my blog yesterday to gather info from a survey I have up there. You might take a look if you get a chance

  4. I love this tip, and just recently bought Wisps just for this purpose. Well, not JUST for this purpose. I also try citrus. I have an orange, or water flavored with lemon or lime, or seltzer water with a splash of orange juice. This usually gives the brain time to catch up and calm down.

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