Visuals help!

Are you a visual learner? Sometimes, what we see has more of an impact that what we read. Case in point: After almost two months of not eating as well as I should and not exercising as much as I had been, my weight has incrementally crept up a few pounds above my goal. After working so hard to reach my goal, I’m back on track…the walking track, among other calorie-burning workouts! Another track I plan to implement again is the food-tracker. Knowing if it goes in my mouth, it goes on my chart makes me better able to say “no” to less-than-the-best choices.

Now, back to the visuals: For Christmas, I bought myself a pair of five-pound weights. They are pretty diminutive to look at, but when I pick them up, I have to brace my arms and shoulders for the extra stress. And just that ten pounds puts extra pressure on my legs as well. But another visual today really hit home. Our local store had ground chuck on sale, and as I looked at the “family packs”, most of which were three pounds or more, I saw a lumpy glop of meat about the size of what I’ve regained. Visualizing that on my backside has helped steel my resolve.

If you’re carrying excess weight, it may help to get some visuals in your mind; not only what you need or want to lose, but of smaller weights as well. Next time you’re shopping, pick up a five-pound roast or a ten-pound sack of sugar. Feel the weight in your hands. Then set a short-term goal to lose that five or ten pounds. Later, as you handle the comparable object again, you will be excited and encouraged that,  just as you can put down that bag of sugar, you’ve put off that much weight!

I hope you’ll join me in looking  forward to (and planning for)  a new year of becoming healthier, not only physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally. More to come on these thoughts in upcoming days!



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5 responses to “Visuals help!

  1. Great idea! I love the visual of the ground beef – definitely an incentive to make some changes, and perfect timing for the New Year’s resolutions! Thank you, and Happy New Year!


    • Good to hear from you, Andi. I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting regularly, but hope to get back to at least a couple a week. We can definitely gain incentive and encouragement from fellow “travelers”.

      • I’m so glad you are! I just posted my goals on Fat2Fit after becoming inspired from reading this blog. It’s just what I needed to get back on track with my health and fitness.
        Thank you again and I’m looking forward to the “journey” ahead for 2012!

  2. Teri

    OH how I “use=to” love visuals, that was until your blog stated the obvious and hit home way too close! Thank you for this GR8 visual of poundage on ;/ poundage off that is so easy to understand DAH! I am sure to use this with my group!!!! Thanks!

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