Simple Steps to Weight Loss Success

Choosing foods you enjoy will improve your chances of weight-loss success (photo by Ann Maniscalco).

Small decisions (steps) can add up to big results! Using the acronym SIMPLE STEPS, here are a few easy pointers that have helped countless folks shed excess weight:

  • S: Serving size – measuring your food before plating it will help you avoid portion-distortion.
  • I: Individualize – a plan that will work for Tom, Dick and Harry may not work for Mary! The only way to lasting change is finding a healthy-eating plan YOU can live with for life.
  • M: Meals – don’t skip them, especially breakfast. Eating at regular intervals will keep your metabolism revving.
  • P: Plan for indulgences – the mantra, “all things in moderation”, holds many dieters in good stead. Yes, you can eat cake; just work it  into your weekly plan.
  • L: Link with others for support. Being accountable to others – either online or in your community – will strengthen your resolve to stay the course.
  • E: Exercise – you’ll lose weight faster by combining exercise with eating better, and exercise will help you firm up your soon-to-be- sagging excess skin.
  • S: Start your meal with a glass of water. Since our stomachs hold about a quart, eight-ounces of H2O will help you become satisfied sooner.
  • T: Take your time. It requires about 20 minutes for your brain to get the satiety signal from your stomach, so eating slowly and savoring every bite will help you stop before you’ve over-indulged.
  • E: Entertain positive thoughts. Make up your mind to de-rail negative self-talk.  Your past failures do not define your present chance of success. Envision where you will be in 6 months or a year, and set intermediate goals and plans to arrive there.
  • P: Patience – you didn’t gain all your extra adipose tissue in a month or two, so don’t expect to say good-bye to it that quickly. Losing an average of two pounds a week can rid a person of about 25 pounds in just three months, and 100 pounds in a year’s time.
  • S: Step-by-step – most everyone falls off the wagon once in a while. Just shrug your shoulders and jump back on board at the next meal.

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2 responses to “Simple Steps to Weight Loss Success

  1. I needed this post lol thanks for sharing your wisdom

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