Light-weight weight loss tools

A four-ounce  savory section of porterhouse steak, a good serving of sautéed onions, a three-ounce baked potato, and several baby carrots…I’ve eaten enough, so why do I still want to nibble?

When I get into this rut, I head to the bathroom and grab two pieces of my munchie-resisting armor (you see them in the photograph above).

Part of getting the excess-poundage off is paying attention to internal “cues”. Brushing my teeth is a cue that the meal is done. (Some people like to chew a piece of gum to signal the end of the meal.) The freshness of  just-brushed teeth removes the lingering taste of my just-eaten dinner, tells my taste-buds to quiet down, and helps me move on to other thoughts and activities. I also chug-a-lug a big glass of water when I’ve finished wielding my lightweight “armor”, and that fills up any leftover stomach-space.

Just a simple action to tell my mind “stop” before it tries to convince my mouth to continue the previous activity.

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4 responses to “Light-weight weight loss tools

  1. Michael

    What a great–and oh so simple–idea. I like your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Cindy

    This is a great suggestion and one I’ve been working at making a habit–not there yet so your post is a good reminder!

    • Glad you found my article helpful, Cindy. Lots of ideas I share are ones I’ve gleaned from others. If they work for me, I’m thinking they may help others as well. Come back soon!

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