All canned beans are not created equal!

Daily decisions determine our destination.

One of my health-focused New Year’s Solutions (instead of resolutions) is to eat more dried beans and legumes. I love to cook up a batch of one of our area’s specialties – red beans and rice – using the dried beans, but have been enjoying trying canned varieties, as well.

I was in the mood for a bit of a sweet indulgence this evening, so I warmed up a can of Home Style Baked Beans to go with a tuna sandwich and baby carrots (no eye-rolling…I’m sitting pretty contentedly at my goal weight!). This brand has 140 calories in a half- cup serving (of course, it contains regular sugar and brown sugar, so I lowered the calorie count by draining off most of the syrupy sauce). A can of red beans that also occupies space in my pantry contains 130 cals in half a cup (contains a bit of cottonseed oil), while the same-sized serving of canned cannellini beans weighs in at just 80 calories!

To rephrase a familiar phrase…a bean by any other name…may just have more calories! Label-reading may not provide an endorphin rush, but it sure makes good sense for those trying to carve more calories off their daily food budget.

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