Can clearing clutter help you lose weight?

A severe case of packrat-itis.

Carole Carson, coach of AARP’s  Fat2Fit community group, wrote this interesting post about a possible link between being a pack-rat and being overweight.  (I hope you’ll take time to read it, and when you do, scroll through the comments to read Janice Church’s intriguing response.):

Says Carole: “To me, clinging to possessions and struggling with one’s weight are closely linked. If you can clean out even one room in your home, you start to regain control and you see that your actions (exercising your right to part with your possessions) yield positive change — i.e., a cleaner, brighter, easier-to-manage space. You realize you have a choice about how you live, and that is empowering.”

As I progressed through the months it took me to drop 25 pounds, I found myself doing some de-cluttering projects, so I’m apt to agree with Carole’s premise. Clutter can be depressing – it constantly stares you in the face, and until it is dealt with, it can drag you down. But the fortitude required to deal with it may come from the increased energy from shedding some  excess “flabbage”, and becoming more fit as a result.

Those of you who have battled the scale and won, have you experienced clutter-busting episodes with your weight loss?



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2 responses to “Can clearing clutter help you lose weight?

  1. I’ve had personal experience with this, and I’d have to agree it is definitely true!

    Maybe when things are organized we have a higher sense of control over our lives, thus making dieting feel easier?

    Either way, definitely agree.


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