Why do some embrace extremely-strict weight loss tactics?

Some engage in “diet-torture” to shed unwanted pounds. (Photo by Ann Maniscalco)

There’s a physician-regulated weight-loss craze going great guns in my city. It is super-strict (one participant calls it “Atkins on speed”), beginning with bringing on ketosis by limiting calories to 500 a day for the first several days or a week. It features pills, shots, extreme carb reduction until a considerable amount of weight has been lost, and an extensive exercise program. (One lady told me participants are required to have an EKG before embarking on the program because “the diet can be hard on your heart”.)

Although study after study have shown such diets to be everything from unhealthy to incredibly difficult to stick to, people are flocking to it. Why? Because the results have been phenomenal…and rapid.

I shake my head in amazement. Why do some people willingly subject themselves to such diet horror? This isn’t a rhetorical question…I really want to understand the issues. I may have answered my own question in the above paragraph, but there has to be more to it than just quick results.

I’m wondering if some people don’t trust themselves enough that they need another person to tell them exactly what they CAN and CAN’T put in their mouth?… that they CAN’T have any bread until they’ve lost x-number of pounds? Or is it a lack of understanding a basic weight-loss principle that one who has much weight to shed can, by careful, nutritious, no-foods-forbidden eating coupled with a decent exercise regimen, lose an average of two pounds a week, which could provide a 50-pound loss in six months, or a 100-pound loss in a year? That is certainly nothing to sneeze at!

Just curious. I’m looking forward to responses to shed light on the subject!


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One response to “Why do some embrace extremely-strict weight loss tactics?

  1. Several friends and coworkers of mine have fallen victim to the Medifast fad. I tell them it’s not healthy to fast to lose weight and starving themselves won’t accomplish long term goals. I just don’t get it!

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