Gotta love those discretionary calories

Into every healthy eating plan, a bit of discretionary calories should be permitted. (Photo by Ann Maniscalco)

I’m not gonna be satisfied with a piece of dry toast when a teaspoon of low-fat margarine-type spread and a teaspoon of jelly will work wonders on such! Today I made some muscadine (AKA scuppernong) jelly from the grapes that grow wild in my back yard, and immediately fixed my mid-morning snack: a piece of my 50-calorie whole-wheat bread with a light coating of the spread and delectable jelly. The tasty toast-toppers added about 30 calories. 

Sometimes we are so conscious of cutting calories that we deprive ourselves of the little pleasures that would take months to add up to a pound. Let’s see…3000 calories that are required to add a pound divided by 30 calories for spread and jelly equals 100 days, in this case! Certainly self-control is needed, but extreme self-denial makes it hard to stick with one’s plan.

Now that I’ve stated my case, please excuse me while I lick these last lovely purple calories off the side of my mouth! 

What are some of your favorite discretionary calories?


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