Appetite suppressants – cheap and not-so

As I roamed the aisles at my neighborhood pharmacy looking for some D-vites, an item in the weight-loss product aisle caught my attention. For a mere $2.25 (plus tax), this one-serving bar is to be eaten a bit before a meal to help curb one’s appetite so he/she can eat less and still be satisfied.

Well, for a scientific experiment, and an excuse to nibble on something chocolate, I decided to shell out the money to check it out. The calorie count is a reasonable 160, but as I left the store, I began to consider what else I could eat to suppress my appetite for the same amount of calories and a lot less pocket change. Right off the bat, I thought of half a ham sandwich (with two ounces of lean ham on my 50-calorie bread) and a small piece of fruit. Seems a treat of this nature eaten half-an-hour before my meal would go pretty far to curb my appetite.

So the experiment will begin late tomorrow morning. I’ll try “Product #1”  (the bar), and then the next day, I’ll sample “Product #2 (the sandwich/fruit combo). I’m anxious to see if the bar does a better-than-expected job of quelling the hunger pangs as they set in, and result in my eating considerably less than I normally would. If so, I’d almost consider it a meal substitute. My well-researched report will be posted early next week.

As we face the daily weight-loss eating decisions, we learn what works for us and what doesn’t. After reading so many reports about the body not needing but four to five ounces (or the equivalent) of protein daily (for my calorie level), I’ve found I need a bit more to keep me satiated. I’m discovering also, as I approach my goal weight, that a moderate amount of exercise isn’t going to do the trick to sustain continued loss, even when combined with eating right. I’ve gone from thinking 30 minutes several times a week is sufficient, to realizing it’s going to take more like an hour on most days, plus giving up a bit more precious calories!

What are some things you’ve learned on your journey?


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