Healthy weight loss – getting rid of the word “can’t”

"Can't" resist temptation, or choose not to? (Photo by Ann Maniscalco)

“Can’t” is a word that we’d do well to eliminate from our weight loss/fitness vocabulary. We often hide behind it, cozying up to our flimsy excuses of why we “can’t” get fit. Truth is, for almost any “reason” (also known as “excuses”), we can name, there has been someone who proves it doesn’t hold water, by bursting through the self-imposed limits.

At first, I thought of diet-derailer “can’ts” as those that only kept people from fulfilling their dreams: “I’ve got such a busy schedule that I CAN’T find time to exercise”…”I CAN’T stop with just a small bowl of ice cream”…etc. But now I’ve realized there are also restrictive “can’ts”. Maybe you’re guilty of these: “I CAN’T have any of those mashed potatoes”…”I CAN’T go out to eat because I’m on a diet”…”I CAN’T have anything else to eat today because I blew it at lunch”.

Once we’ve “left the nest”, there’s normally not anyone telling us what we must eat before we can leave the table, or what we can’t have because it’ll spoil our dinner. So perhaps these “can’ts” that we utter should be rephrased, to put the monkey back on our own back where it belongs…for good and bad: “I’m CHOOSING to forgo that sweet dessert today because I had one yesterday, and I’m only ALLOWING myself two a week”…”I CHOSE to eat half of that large pizza when 2 slices and a salad would have been plenty”… “I must admit, I COULD HAVE resisted finishing off that whole bag of chips if I had portioned out my serving and put the rest away.”

Yes, I gotta “fess-up” too…I CHOSE to eat those two desserts and a piece of fried chicken breast at the Sunday night church fellowship! I could have said “no” to it, and made wiser selections; it was a choice, and no “can’t” is going to change that fact!

Think about it…do you hide behind either kinds of these “can’ts”? If so, what are you going to do about it?

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2 responses to “Healthy weight loss – getting rid of the word “can’t”

  1. Thought provoking…I used to say “I Can’t” a LOT. “I can’t lose weight.” “I’ll never be skinny.” “I can’t run.” But once I changed that thinking and saw results, I realized I could do anything.

  2. It’s funny…once you’ve realized the power “can’t” has on you, you seem to notice the use of it more – in self and in others.

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