Saying good-bye to some "old friends" with a smile. (Photo by Ann Maniscalco)

 (Note…this is a tongue-in-cheek post) Well, old friends, it’s time to part company. You and I have had some good times together, but, sad to say, you’re usefulness to me is no longer vital. It’s been hard for me to take this action since we’ve been together so long. But things have changed… I’ve changed. I’m moving on, and I’m looking to replace you.

Yes, it was hard to put all you larger-sized tops, pants and dresses in a bag. You’ve cheered me and helped make me presentable to the world many times. You’ve often given me a smile as I pulled you from your closet home. We’ve gone so many places together, and we’ve been close, that’s for sure!

I hope you’ll appreciate that I didn’t just cast you aside at the nearest second-hand store. No, you deserve much better. That’s why I picked a special friend to share you with. You’ll enjoy her. She has a lot to offer those around her, and you’ll be a part of it! As for now, I bid you adieu, as I’m off to find some new, smaller “friends”:)

Sometimes we invite defeat in our weight-loss plans by keeping these “old friends” around. In the back of our mind, we are thinking, “Just in case we need them.” For me, these lovely clothes represent a part of my life I DO NOT want to revisit, and getting them out of the house is one way to make that harder to do!

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