35 Flimsy, faulty and/or funny excuses for not getting fit!

The only thing excuses are good for is keeping the scale numbers from going down. (Photo by Ann Maniscalco)

When faced with doing something we don’t really want to do, or aren’t willing to adapt our lifestyle to accomplish, or don’t think we CAN do, we human beings are quite adept at making excuses.

Carole Carson, author of From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction, asked members of the AARP Fat 2 Fit community group to share some of the excuses for not getting fit. Some were funny, some were sad, but all revealed this quirky aspect of human nature.

I picked several I particularly liked (some may have been slightly edited), and created more of my own. Here’s hoping that reading this list will give you a laugh, but also provide the impetus (if  you’ve used some of these excuses) to realize that’s just what they are – excuses – and be willing to put them aside, as you pursue plans to lose weight and get fit.


 If I’m going to eat at a buffet, I want to get my money’s worth.

 I don’t have anyone to watch the kids.

 I inherited the “fat” gene.

 My mother always made me clean my plate, and I can’t break the habit.

 If I start doing things to lose weight and get healthier, my overweight (pick one) spouse, friends, sister, child will feel intimidated.

 My friends like to go out to fancy restaurants, and I don’t want to be the only one nibbling on rabbit food!

 That gym equipment made me so sore – I’m never gonna do THAT again!

 I’ve got to keep snacks around the house for my kids. I’m sure I can resist those chips, cookies and ice cream.

 I’m getting older. Everyone gains weight as they age.

 I always fail. What’s the use of trying again?

 I don’t want to deprive myself of anything. You only get to live once!

 I can’t work it into my busy schedule.

 I never have had any self-control.

 Just one more slice of pizza won’t make a difference if I skip the cookies for dessert.

 I’m a meat and potatoes man; never have liked vegetables.

 No matter what I do, I don’t lose. What’s the point? I might as well eat if not eating doesn’t help me lose weight.

 I can’t stand the taste of diet sodas. Besides, what’s it gonna hurt to have a couple of soft drinks a day?

 It’s genetic. These big hips are German hips. I’m built like my dad’s family. I can’t do anything about it.

 It’s too hot out. (OR) It’s too cold out.

 Gym memberships are too expensive.

 I wouldn’t enjoy making all the changes required to eat better.

 My mother always fixes our favorite desserts for Sunday dinner. I can’t hurt her feelings by refusing them.

 I’ll be working in the garden this afternoon so I’ll be burning off the calories from this huge breakfast.

 After a hard day at work, I can’t get myself motivated.

 My family won’t eat that way, and I’m not about to prepare two different meals!

 I’m so overweight, it takes all my energy to do the things that must be done.

 I’d have to get rid of some of my favorite clothes, and I’ve spent a lot of money on that wardrobe!

 It doesn’t matter, no one will ever love me anyway. 

 Healthy food is (take your pick) too expensive/ too time-consuming to prepare/ too bland.

 How dare he tell me to exercise? I’ll show him who’s boss!

 Some people actually prefer partners who are large.

 I don’t like exercise; I sweat too much and it makes my makeup run.

 I don’t want to get muscle-bound – it’s so unattractive!

 Watching every little thing I eat is too stressful, and stress makes me gain weight.

 I’ll get back on track tomorrow. (If not tomorrow, the next day…week…month…after Christmas…when school’s out…after I complete this project…when life isn’t so complicated…by my 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th birthday………..)

 “I was always going to start to lose weight “tomorrow”. But now, tomorrow has arrived.” (Quote from a member of the AARP Community Group Fat 2 Fit)

***A note from Slimvictory: If you are interested in learning more about the Fat2 fit support group sponsored by AARP (any age can join the online group), see the “resource faves” link on my home page.




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