Expensive equipment not necessary for effective exercise

The beach near our home... a lovely place to walk, don't you think? (Photo by Ann Maniscalco)

Gym memberships may be nice, and can be quite beneficial, but aren’t essential to keeping on top of one’s exercise game.  A pair of sturdy walking shoes, a bottle of water, and enough gas in the car to get me there are all I need to take advantage of this delightful walking area. From the bridge (seen in the distance) to our harbor is around a mile, so a round-trip provides a good workout.

Walking routes are only limited by our imagination. I’ll often ride my bike to our city’s hospital, which is a half-mile from our house. Hubby and I use the professional scales set up in a hallway there to check our weight, and I’ll often (especially if it is just way too hot outside) take to the halls and stairs for a 30 minute walk. I recently read a post from a woman who said she’ll walk the perimeter of her local warehouse store a few times to get her steps in, and of course, many can take an after-dinner stroll (or power-walk) in their own neighborhood.

Swimming is a cheap or free way to experience a mega-calorie burn. There’s a lake about half an hour away from us, and we sometimes swim at a friend’s pool. A large natatorium in a neighboring city costs a reasonable $3.00 per adult as well.

Stretch bands are inexpensive, and give us a chance to engage in strength training, which along with aerobic/cardio and stretching, comprises  a good three-prong approach to physical fitness.  And lunges, squats, jumping jacks and crunches can be done without any equipement other than our own muscles, bones and will-power!

What are some of your favorite exercises that help you head toward your weight-loss goal by burning more calories than you consume?

Thought for the day:

         Invite someone to exercise with you;  you can burn calories and build a friendship at the same time!

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2 responses to “Expensive equipment not necessary for effective exercise

  1. It’s true! Losing weight doesn’t have to be about spending money! I will sometimes notice people perusing workout videos and there is a lot of buzz around p90x these days… But the fact is, if you have cable or the internet chances are you can do workout videos for free too. FitTV has exercise videos most of the day and night (dvr your favorites if you want) – and I’m fairly certain FitTv.com and yogatoday.com also have videos for free.

    • Thanks for this internet info. I do have some exercise vids, but I bought ’em second-hand or from eBay, so I got a good price! And not to say gyms and trainers aren’t worthwhile. I haven’t ruled that out for myself as I want to tone up the leftover pudgy areas, and will probably benefit with a few sessions with a trainer.

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