Healthy meal prep when you’re tired or busy

          Sometimes we just get burnt-out with meal preparation. Maybe we’re tired, bored, busy, out-of-sorts or just don’t want to do it! Say that eating out is not on the agenda, and baking a frozen pizza shouldn’t be…what to do?   

            On days like that, I slap together some sandwiches with lean deli meats, cheese (made with 2% milk), lettuce and tomato, open a can of healthy soup, add a piece of fresh fruit and a glass of milk, and voila…a balanced meal!   

            If you’re needing to watch your sodium, you realize canned soup isn’t normally something you’d want to consume often, but I’ve found a healthier variety – Campbell’s Select Harvest brand uses potassium chloride (a type of salt) to reduce the sodium count – most varieties have about 480 mgs of sodium, which is around half what you’d find in most other brands. Plus, many of these tasty blends have less than 100 calories per one-cup serving.   

            I’ve also found that a couple of local stores have 100% whole wheat bread in standard-size slices (close to an ounce) that have only 50 calories and are oh-so good. This helps me put together a hearty sandwich for 250 calories or less. Add the vegetable-based soup pictured and a piece of fruit, and you’ve got a filling meal for around 350 calories. For more staying power, pour yourself a refreshing glass of cold milk (skim or 1%) for an additional 80 to 100 calories.   

            Another time-saver is to whip up multiple-recipes of healthy soups and casseroles during not-so-busy times – or get together and batch-cook with family and friends – to stock your freezer for days when the kitchen is not where you want to be. And buying larger-sized products and family packs of meat can be easier on the budget, too!   

Today’s quote:   

When simple meals are the “order of the day”,

the cook has a chance to go out and play!  




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