Out with the old, in with the used

Thrift stores are great places to shop, especially when you're dropping sizes!

How many sizes of clothes do you have in your closet? Some folks, when losing weight, keep their bigger sizes in their closet (or stored close by), in case they “need them again”.

What a deterrent to weight loss! This shows, in the back of this person’s mind, he or she is considering the option of gaining back the pounds that have been so hard-lost. That mind-set needs to have no place in your plans for a healthier future! As it’s important to rid our homes of unhealthy food choices that can cause our best-laid plans to go astray, so it’s vital to get the next-size-up clothes out of our wardrobe, for at least two reasons:

  1. We can be lulled into feeling pretty good about our progress when our clothes are too loose, when in reality, we may have quite a way to go.
  2. They can be like old-faithful, comfortable friends, just waiting for us to “visit” them again!

I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 10 (with two or three 12s that still fit fairly well), and my goal is  to have a closet containing only 8s and 10s. One pair of 14s remain to be able to show my starting point; the others have gone to the neighborhood thrift store. Speaking of which…second-hand shops are great places to add to your wardrobe while casting aside sizes. I’ve found lovely separates in great condition – the dressy top and nice slacks I wore to church today were thrift-store buys.

While making wise eating decisions, we can also be prudent money-managers by building our short-term wardrobes from local second-hand shops. (Some may decide to save a certain dollar amount for each pound lost, and reward themselves with a shopping spree of new items when their goal is achieved!)

Thought for today: Why buy “new” when “used” will do?


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