The Owner’s Manual (part 1)

         We’ve all heard the old saying, “When all else fails, read the instructions.” From putting together a swing set to figuring out the newest electronic “toy”, why do most of us resist taking time to read the directions?

            Recently, we rented a car for an extended trip, and before we were half-an-hour down the road, we had to consult the owner’s manual four times to figure out how to: work the CD player, operate the back windshield wiper, open the fuel tank door and undo the trunk latch.

            In the realm of healthy eating/lifestyle, there is a learning curve. From discovering how many calories are in your favorite fast-food meal to searching nutritional data for a healthy eating plan you can live with, you will need to become a student.

            Some may reject this idea, saying, “That takes too much time!” But what is more important than one’s health? We all probably waste an hour or two a day; why not redeem that time doing one or more of the following?

            1. Check out some of these websites and resources:




                        * (look for the community group Fat 2 Fit)







2. With notebook in hand, log in some label-reading details at home or at your favorite store.

3. Use the Web to look up nutritional data for your favorite restaurant.

4. Ask your health-care provider to direct you to some helpful resources.

5. Invite a dietician to address your church or community group.

Thought for the day:

“Ignorance comes from the root word IGNORE…that should tell us something.”


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