In his excellent book, Break Through Your Setpoint, Dr. George Blackburn advises those seeking to lose weight without being hungry,  to eat meals of at least 450 calories to provide sufficient fullness for around four hours. However, in a real world, most of us go more than four hours between meals, if we’re over the age of 18 months!

I’ve found if I make my meals with whole grains and a good protein source, and begin the day with a substantial breakfast, that helps keep the hungries at bay. I try for around 375 – 400 calorie meals, and add in a snack an hour or two before meals…this is known as “grazing” in the weight loss world. It keeps metabolism on a even keel and prevents us from being famished at the next meal .

So what constitutes a good snack? Think of a bit more protein (ie: a low-fat piece of string cheese or half a slice of bread with a teaspoon of peanut butter), a small handful of nuts,  a piece of fruit with the skin on, or some skim or 1% milk.

Go ahead, “spoil your dinner”…it’ll be good for your weight-loss plan!


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