This is a test




To develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits, knowledge of the subject is vital. Take this short quiz to check your understanding of the basics.


1. 3500 calories equals one _____________, so to lose a pound a week, one must create a calorie _____________ of 500 calories daily; 1,000 calories daily to lose two pounds a _________(in a perfect world!)

2. A combination of ______________ ____________ and increased ______________ __________________ is the best way to achieve maximum _____________________.

3. Strive for at least three servings of whole ______________ a day to keep you fuller longer.

4. It is recommended that we eat at least __________ servings of fruits and ________________ daily.

5. The minimum calories men should consume daily are _________ and for women, _________.

6. It is recommended one get at least thirty ________________ of aerobic activity most days of the week.

7. _____________ is considered one serving of pasta. A serving of fruit should average about _____ calories.

8. A food _________ will help keep you on track.

9. Protein is important for many reasons, including providing satiety. Good sources include such things as _________ meat, low-fat cheese, dried beans, and eggs.

10. ________________ eating is a term to describe eating for reasons other than genuine hunger.

11. _______________ is a great aerobic exercise most can do, and no special equipment is required, other than a good pair of shoes.

12.  Reading ___________ ___________ can help us make better decisions about our food choices.


Fill in blanks with these choices:


physical activity      grains     nutrition labels     60     pound     lean     walking     journal     minutes     week     ½ cup     1200     vegetables     deficit     results       emotional     caloric reduction     1500     five   


When you’ve finished the quiz, perhaps you’d like to choose three things you learned (or already knew, but aren’t acting on), and begin making some simple changes based on them.


Answers: 1. pound, deficit, week. 2. caloric reduction, physical activity, results. 3. grains. 4. five, vegetables.  5.1500, 1200. 6. minutes. 7. ½ cup, 60. 8. journal. 9. lean. 10. emotional 11. walking. 12. nutrition labels.  


Today’s quote: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”











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