What’s in a name?

          Names often say a lot about a person, do they not? To make my point, I’ll throw out two: Jezebel and Judas. I’ve never heard of any parents choosing either of these names for their child!


       When trying to come up with a name for this blog, I wanted a title that’d be easy to remember, relate to the topic, and not have to be explained (such as one thought: “lbsbegone”… “pounds be gone”). First I tried “weightyissues”…taken. Next, “scaledown”…someone beat me to that one, too. After exhausting my creative bent, I headed for the kitchen to start supper. Praying for guidance to find an unclaimed title, this one hit me. It’s catchy and easy-to-remember, and although the phrase itself denotes someone just barely eking out a win, it encapsulated the essence of what I hope readers will experience: a victory at achieving the slim, fit body they desire.


       When I envision the word “victory”, I see a sweaty runner bursting over the finish line, with crowds screaming, jumping, and waving their hands as they cheer for the winner. I hope, through this blog, to share materials and insights that’ll provide impetus for you to achieve your “slim victory”, the one that you alone set for yourself.


       So with that in mind, gentle readers, I ask you, what would denote victory for you? 10% of your body weight lost? 100 pounds shed? Overcoming health issues caused by obesity? Learning how to eat and exercise well, and having the tenacity to do it? Being able, as one woman put it, to not have to buy clothes that have a “W” beside the size number? All of these are realistic and achievable goals.


       Goal-setting is essential, and it involves a pen and paper (or computer mouse). We’ll discuss this vital stepping-stone in days to come, but for now, I challenge you to visualize where you want to be in 5 years, and within the next year. Picture yourself as you want to look. Go ahead, cut out that photo from a magazine (or find one of yourself 25, 50, 100 pounds ago) – post it on the fridge (near the handleJ) to encourage yourself to dream!


Today’s quote: “Aim at nothing and you’ll surely hit it”.



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