When the journey begins: the “Aha” moment


Whether one sees these tools with delight or dread probably depends on whether he/she is satisfied with what they reveal. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step", the old saying reminds us. Have you had the necessary "Aha" moment yet?

     A moment of reckoning is often needed before one begins a life-changing journey. I’m reminded of a stop-smoking commercial – you’ve probably seen it, too. The woman and her husband are relaxing on the couch while their young daughter plays dress-up in a nearby room. Pretending to be the mother, the child acts out conversations she would have with friends. The parents enjoy the eavesdropping until they hear (and observe) the child say with a sweet smile, “Why, yes, I’d love one”, and they see their precious child pretend to accept a cigarette, put it to her lips, and take a drag.  

      “I’ve really got to stop,” says the mom, sadly shaking her head. She is having an “Aha” moment…a time when all the excuses and procrastination will be put aside, with full knowledge that the time to take a certain action is now.  

      Perhaps you have begun a “diet” so many times, you can’t count them. And you’ve probably lost weight a number of times as well. But have those pounds “found” you again, and brought some “friends”? Could it be that you may not have experienced your own personal “Aha” moment yet? It could be described as realizing with absolute clarity – for the first time – what not getting a handle on this issue is doing to your life and your health.  

     “Dieting”, with all the negative connotations, simply doesn’t work in the long haul. It is seen as something one is either “on” or “off”. What is needed for the “Aha” moment to provide continued impetus is for us to realize we need a lifestyle change – to develop a healthy eating plan that we can live with for the rest of our life. This effective plan will provide structure, variety, and (here’s the word we tend to resist) moderation, but it’ll also offer foods we can love, that will satisfy our hunger, and still make eating a pleasurable experience.  

     Over the past year, I’ve learned a lot about the two things that most of us don’t want to do, when it comes to managing our “weighty issues”: consuming fewer calories than we burn, and burning more through exercise. Now, I’ll admit, I didn’t relish the idea of doing either of those, but after my “Aha” moment (which I’ll relate in a future blog), I found that, once I started the journey, I indeed have gotten used to the new ways. Old habits have died and new ones have come. Exercise is now something I look forward to, and the change in my body and health make the new way of eating acceptable, and yes, even desirable. These are things I’m doing for myself, not to myself.

     Through various sources, I’ve learned quite a bit this past year, and I’ve come to credit the changes to a three-pronged focus: the power of God, the support of others, and the gained knowledge of how to establish new, healthy eating and living habits. I’m looking forward to sharing short stories on these three points, and my prayer is that they will help many face down the scale and realize victory!   

Smiles 🙂 Ann 

 Quote for the day: “You have the key in your pocket to let yourself out of your personal jail.” (Carole Carson, author of “From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself Into a Weapon of Mass Reduction”)






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2 responses to “When the journey begins: the “Aha” moment

  1. Lee Ann Murschel

    Hey there, love the blog! Very inspirational. You’re gonna have to help me when you come visit. See you soon!

  2. Fran Williams

    Ann enjoyed your words of wisdom.

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